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$5.6 trillion over the next 10 years, including $600 billion in domestic defense spending — more than double the $299 billion Obama put in place. 

Former head of the Council on Foreign Relations and chairman of the Missile Defense Task Force during the George W. Bush administration, William Perry, said increasing defense spending without new sources of funding is useless and harmful.

"As we continue to reduce the size of the federal government, we must work to reinvest in it. If America is going to remain the dominant power in the world, we must get our defense spending under control," Perry said in an interview on National Public Radio.

Meanwhile, $57.5 billion is paid out for future veterans to health care.


"I would say that by the time he was through being left with us, from speaking to the reporter, it was clear he was satisfied that these were the issues that he wanted to go to," Williams said. "So it's not a surprise, I would say, he has been at the forefront of the position that I've taken."

The president praised the league's stance as consistent with the NFL's mission to promote social justice.


"I think it's something that I've tried to make a priority, trying to find ways to help all the different communities that we have in the NFL that are so deeply involved and need that message," the president said. "Whether they are players, whether they are owners, coaches, or front office.

The Pac-12 title. The conference's first appearance in the inaugural College Football Playoff. It was tough to beat Sam Darnold and his USC Trojans in the Rose Bowl. So far this season, USC coach Clay Helton has the Trojans' defense playing very well as USC is No. 5 in the country in scoring defense (21.4 ppg) and allowing only 2.28 points per play. USC leads the country with 13 takeaways. Darnold has thrown for 526 yards and nine touchdowns in a two-game stretch. USC's offense still needs time to get used.